Naanum Rowdydhaan (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 19 mins

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Pandian, the son of a police officer, falls in love with Kadambari, a hearing impaired girl. She agrees to love him only if he helps her kill a notorious gangster who murdered her parents.

Cast: Nayanthara Kurian, Vijay Sethupathi

Crew: Vignesh Shivan (Director), George C Williams (Director of Photography), Anirudh Ravichander (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance

Release Dates: 21 Oct 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: நானும் ரௌடிதான்

Movie Rating
Based on 67 ratings
23 user 14 critic
Music Rating
Based on 63 ratings
23 user 14 critic
Did you know? Anirudh Ravichander was originally offered the lead role but was later replaced by Vijay Sethupathi. Read More
An Outstanding Comedy Entertainer

After Vasool Raja & Mundaasupatti...

Perfect Rom-Com

Yes... Spoilers ahead... But knowing the story wouldn't stop you from going to theaters. Infact you would completely enjoy this film - knitted with scenes that has sassy twists and full of fun. Hero Vijay Sethupathy - wannabe Rowdy right from childhood and this is convinced on title scenes why he is so. There is a scene - he smartly changes the text from Police to Rowdy. OK... Does he become Rowdy? No, He's just self made and runs one stop shop for Rowdyism (graffitied with rates on wall) and comes across heroine Nayanthara (not just heroine; she is fresh, lean, just don't fall for love and physically dumb characteristic; so it requires more than nice looks and she just did great) in an unexpected time, falls flat for her and tries to do "anything" for her. But "anything" she wants is to kill bonafide, brutal and unruly Rowdy who killed her parents. Everybody knows that fake Hero can't do this .. Infact, at a point of time, heroine sets out on her own to kill villain. So how this is accomplished is film that is entertaining, full of wits, musical (not even single duet, but still it's musical) and brilliant new age film making and narrative style. Infact I was expecting emotional closure but still climax went on with comical notes. Credit goes to both Cast and Crew entirely. In short, perfect Rom-Com scoring in all the areas.

finest entertainer of the year

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan​ One of the finest entertainer of the year. yet another blockbuster for Vijay Sethupathi​ bro!!!!. The movie has all the highlights into it, right from start till the end no where you can move your eyes out from the screen.... A Brilliant Direction from Vignesh Shivan bro such a fresh and energetic script with cool screnplay. The casting was its best of class, nayanthara!!!! what a heart-throb performance from her, a knock out performance from her in this film. Vijay sethupathi bro classic performance over all, he was the main reason to watch the whole film through out. RJ Balaji​ a superb supporting role bro spot timing comedy was nailed it.
The ultimate backbone of the film is the cinematography
George C. Williams​ thaaru maaru visuals with apt lighting, I can bet no one other then you can show nayanthara as beautiful as she is in this film.... Master eye piece of your work next to Raja Rani​. Way to go george... cheers.....
Anirudh BGM will make us to feel we are into the film. it was a melodies buster especially kannane kanne!!!!! First time im seeing all the songs are matching up with the visuals.....great work bro.
Clear cut edit by Sreekar sir.
A wise decision of making Such films from Wunderbar studios Dhanush​ sir.
The movie has everything in it, comedy, romance, love, anger etc.... A complete fun packed entertainer of the year. Please go and watch the movie in theatres.....
Kudos to the Whole Team.
Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.... :)

Awesome Movie

Epic acting spree, wonderful performance by all...!!!

Naanum Rowdy Thaan fills in the laughter to rejoice.

Comes a movie, where the hero does anything for his lady love, thrashing things apart, bullying 100s of goons just to witness her cute smile, and that’s how the script is designed for a so-called commercial action flick with above storyline, and here it was, where the ‘Poda Podi’ director Vignesh Sivan made his step, unique, sticking more realistic, settling down with totally different asymmetrical screenplay with symmetrical base line; and how couldn’t it be a successful product, Dhanush playing with Wunderbar.

Actor Vijay Sethupathy suits perfect, post the joyous ‘Kumudha Happy’ face with more of a charm pairing opposite the gorgeous fab Nayanthara who defines justice sporting hearing-impaired women, filling in the laughter moments alongside the counters of ‘cross talk’ RJ Balajee. With the hunger for a hit, facing few troublesome hurdles, Vijay Sethupathy had made his treasure, emoting ideal, what the character asks for.

Actor Partheepan counts as Villain sporting a real don with his usual taunts alongside his rivalry Mansoor Ali Khan.

Credits to director Vignesh Sivan for coming up with script like ‘Naanum Rowdy Thaan’, etching the scope of each character smearing fun, tasting success as a piece of cake.

Anirudh continues hitting his winning streak with Naanum Rowdy Thaan, the tracks topping the charts, making it instant.

Overall, Naanum Rowdy Thaan fills in the laughter to rejoice.

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24 fps
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2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Dubbed into: Nenu Rowdy Ne (Telugu)
Apart from there being a plot, dialogues weren't written for the film. All the lines were improvised on set.

This film's title is borrowed from Vadivelu 's famous dialogue in the movie Thalai Nagaram (2006) where he pretends to be a goon.

Anirudh Ravichander was originally offered the lead role but was later replaced by Vijay Sethupathi.
Filming Start Date:
03 Dec 2014