Nenjamellam Palavannam (TBA)

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'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu' is the family-oriented drama that begins in the town of Relangi. In that town there is a man who is fondly known as "Relangi Mavayya" (uncle). The middle-class family of Relangi Mavayya has two sons known as Peddodu (elder) (Venkatesh) and Chinnodu (younger) (Mahesh Babu) and a daughter. Relangi Mavayya's sister had married a man from a rich family referred to as "Vijayawada Manushulu" and had a daughter named Seetha (Anjali). Seetha's parents passed away after her birth and she was brought to live with her uncle, Relangi Mavayya. From her childhood, Seetha sees Peddodu as her husband, but he never visibly reciprocates her feelings. Peddodu does not like to change himself to please others and is very introverted. Chinnodu, on the other hand, likes to make others change for himself and will fight for what is right. However, the two brothers are as close as they can be. The movie starts off with small incidents happening in the day to day life of the family that helps the viewer understand the tight knit family and its love for each of its members. The main story starts when Peddodu quits his job because he is told to change his ways and be more friendly and talkative. Meanwhile, Seetha's paternal uncle and family, the rich family referred to as "Vijayawada Manushulu" hears that Relangi Mavayya wants Seetha to marry Pedoddu. However, Seetha's paternal uncle (Rao Ramesh) does not want that to happen. Rao Ramesh, unlike the rest of his family, hates the Relangi family partly due to jealousy and partly due to social and economic status. Since Rao Ramesh's older daughter is getting married, he gives a wedding card to Relangi Mavayya's family out of pure courtesy. Since Relangi Mavayya cannot make it, he sends Chinnodu on his behalf. It is here that Chinoddu sees Geetha (Samantha), Rao Ramesh's younger daughter, and it is love at first sight for both of them. Although they must go their separate ways after the wedding, they exchange phone numbers and speak on a regular basis. While Relangi Mavayya goes out of town to pick up his daughter (Abhinaya), he bumps into the newlyweds (Rao Ramesh's daughter, her husband, and his parents). The boy's parents see Mavayya's daughter and set a pelli choopulu (pre-engagement program) for her and one of their close friends. Although Peddodu does not like the alliance because it came from Vijayawada, Chinnodu convinces him and the wedding is set. At the wedding, Relangi Mavayya asks Peddodu to stand at the main entrance and greet everyone and for Chinnodu to greet as people sit. The entire Vijayawada family comes and Rao Ramesh has nothing but ill to speak of Relangi Mavayya and his family. When Peddodu hears this, he gets angry. Chinnodu tries to convince him to put on a brave face for the sake of their sister and parents' happiness just for the night and sort out everything in the morning. However, the brothers have a friction. The friction does not last long and they return to normal. Their mother wants Peddodu to go to Hyderabad along with Chinnodu for a job search as one of their relatives who had come for the wedding had promised a job for Peddodu. Peddodu reluctantly agrees to keep his brother's heart and comes to Hyderabad. He goes to his relative's office to meet him for a job but is made to wait for a very long time, which makes Peddodu angry. He shouts at his relative and leaves the office. Meanwhile Vijaywada family comes to visit Hyderabad and Geetha (Samantha) invites Chinnodu for lunch. At lunch Chinnodu is taken by surprise to see the entire family in the restaurant. Even the family is caught by surprise, who then invite him to sit with them and have lunch. Geetha's father ends up insulting his father while conversing with him which makes Chinnodu angry and he fires back and leaves. Geetha goes after Chinnodu to pacify him but they both run into Peddodu accidentally who is upset seeing Chinnodu with Viajayawada family. Without asking for any details, he immediately leaves Hyderabad and his stubborn nature upsets Chinnodu. This becomes a source of tension between the brothers till the end of the movie. In the middle of these tensions their father meets with an accident while trying to save another person and gets admitted to the hospital. Turns out the person he saved was a close relative's son. The relative realizes his folly in having misunderstood Relangi Mavayya all these years he comes to apologize. Tension between the brothers grows further when Peddodu tries to speak to Chinnodu but Chinnodu says they are good for nothing and cannot achieve anything. Seetha who witnesses this plans to visit Bhadrachalam to solve all their family problems. At the "Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam" of Bhadrachalam Temple, because of a short circuit in the tent, pandemonium breaks out. Meanwhile Peddodu and Chinnodu join hands along with the Police and the Temple Coordinators and start guiding the people to migrate to a safer place in the tent where the impact is low. While Peddodu saves Geetha and her family from a stampede, Chinnodu damages the Transformer with a rod on the advice of fellow pilgrims, thus marking an end to the havoc. Later on when all are in a bit relaxed mood, Relangi Mavayya sits between the brothers and praises their act. He also makes them understand the value of being friendly with all and loving our persons. This brings a change in the Mindsets of the Brothers as well as Geetha's Father. The Brothers unite and Peddodu declares his love on Seetha expressly by calling her with her name. The movie ends with Seetha's marriage with Peddodu, Geetha's marriage being planned with Chinnodu, Geetha's father apologizing Relangi Mavayya and the Brothers getting Employed (This is an implied one as we find that the brothers present their Grand Mother a set of Golden Bangles thus making her wish true which was to present them after they are Employed).
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Did you know? The film was touted to be the first multi-starrer in contemporary Telugu cinema. Initially, it was planned to be made with Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh, but the former was replaced with Mahesh Babu. Read More
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It was reportedly the very first time actress Samantha did her own dubbing for a Telugu film, as her roles was previously dubbed by singer Chinmayi.

A minor accident took place when the film set that was built in Ahobilam collapsed. It was reported that except for a minor injury to one unit member, the film crew was safe and the filming continued in the sets, after few hours of delay.

The shooting for the movie took place in various locations including Visakhapatnam, the City Center mall in Banjara Hills, Sanathnagar, Ramoji Film City, the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahobilam, Bhadrachalam, Magarpatta in Pune, Kutralam and Kerala.

Srikanth Addala, who made his directorial debut with 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam' (2008), had worked hard for two years in order to perfect the script for this movie.

The film was touted to be the first multi-starrer in contemporary Telugu cinema. Initially, it was planned to be made with Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh, but the former was replaced with Mahesh Babu.