Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (2019)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 32 mins

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A romantic film directed by Sunny Deol, starring Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba in the lead roles.

Cast: Karan Deol, Sahher Bambba

Crew: Sunny Deol (Director), Ragul Dharuman (Director of Photography), Parampara Thakur (Music Director), Sachet Tandon (Music Director), Tanishk Bagchi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), 18TC (United Arab Emirates)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 20 Sep 2019 (India), 20 Sep 2019 (New Zealand), 20 Sep 2019 (Singapore), 19 Sep 2019 (United Arab Emirates)

Hindi Name: पल पल दिल के पास

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Music is very good

Plz watch movie pal pal Dil Ke paas..
Directed by sunny Deol..
Movie superhit hogi.

Absolute Piffle!


Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is a SNOOZEFEST without any story or so. Neither Sunny Deol's direction nor Jasvinder Singh Bath-Ravi Shankar's screenplay/dialogues have the potential to offer anything new. A ham-fisted affair!

Set in and around Manali majorly, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is targeted at the youth but every single teenager who would watch it will be insulting their own intelligence. It will be taught in film schools, every year, on the topic - How To Make a Really Bad Film! Though the songs are the sole saving grace (Sachet Tandon-Parampara Thakur, Tanishk Bagchi & Rishi Rich), the plot line is incapacitated, imbecile & extremely dumb. Director Sunny Deol plays in to every stereotype about the youth under the sun but failed miserably! Yes, the cinematography (Himman Dhamija-Ragul Dharuman) is top-notch, which gives the feel of a lavish Bollywood affair. The DOPs swathe the viewers by capturing the lush locales of Himachal Pradesh with finesse. Marvellous! Devendra Murdeshwar's editing is an utter doom, with the movie clocking in at 152 minutes. The pace dips & goes up hand in hand. I have a tendency to repress traumatic memories. The direction is even more puerile, with the storyline going haywire.

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas has nil novel/fetching/affectionate (for a love story to be) factor. One wonders for a prudent actor a la Sunny Deol to have come up with such odious plot, that too for the launch of his son. The background score is a sore to the ear. Be it the debutant Karan Deol, who isn't ready yet to deliver or the debutante Sahher Bambba, who though is photogenic & in high spirits, should have performed as side actors first, then they would have been working as main leads. Aakash Ahuja is alright. One wonders, what made such actors of calibre sign this movie as Sachin Khedekar and Simone Singh. Kamini Khanna, Nupur Nagpal, Kallirroi Tziafeta, Vijayant Kohli, Meghna Malik, Reuben Israe & Mannu Sandhu are all wasted. The makers have taken them for granted.

To sum up, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is a pejorative damp squib from such a putative production house (Zee Studios & Sunny Super Sound). An out and out/staunch let-down in terms of acting, direction, plot line, dialogues and editing. Stay clear, period!

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