Piranha 3D (2010)

 ●  Telugu ● 1 hr 31 mins

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Lake Victoria's annual Spring party by 50,000 young revelers is about to turn into a feeding frenzy with prehistoric hunger-pains. With knee-trembler's above the waves and tremors below, released from their dormant sleep, thousands upon thousands of flesh-eating nippers are released into the lake with whetted appetites and razor-sharp teeth. With a motley crew of strangers thrown together to defend these shores, it is now up to them to prevent the largest eat-out in human, and piranha, history.
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Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames

Crew: Alexandre Aja (Director), John R Leonetti (Director of Photography), Michael Wandmacher (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Release Dates: 20 Aug 2010 (India)

Tagline: This summer, how fast can you swim?

Telugu Name: పిరాన్హ 3D

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Did you know? Some of the shots of spring break participants are genuine. Read More
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This summer, how fast can you swim?
Two million years of evolution. One perfect killer.
Don't Scream...Just Swim!
Sea, Sex and Blood
There's Something in the Water
This Summer 3D Shows Its Teeth
Movie Connection(s):
Dubbed from: Piranha 3D (English)
Reference: Jaws (English)
Filming Locations:
Factual Mistake
The 'sinking' boat which needed to be rescued was in fact in the middle of rocks and on rocks and not sinking at all. Once it partially sunk, it stayed there, and the occupants could have just survived as it was.

Revealing Mistakes
When Jake uses the ski rope to rescue himself and his girlfriend from inside the ship, the rope is shown being threaded through the railing on the deck of the boat, in addition to stretching across the entire deck. They would not go directly away from the boat as shown in the film, but yanked up to the deck via the railing.

Revealing Mistakes
When Jake goes to rescue Kelly he opens the valves on 2 propane tanks releasing the gas in an attempt to ignite them. Propane tanks have an internal check valve that prevents this type of action and this could only be performed if the proper hose was connected, which was not.

Revealing Mistakes
When the paragliding girl is about to be attacked by the Piranhas there is a set of close up shots where you see her in the water up to the waist. To do this in paragliding, you need to boat to be moving. However in the shots you can clearly see that the actress is motionless.

Revealing Mistakes
Various bathers during the attack scene are not in a state of panic.

Character Error
One of the dive team refers to his dive fins as flippers, something an experienced diver would never do.

Character Error
At the end of the film the expert says the fish have underdeveloped sex organs and these fish are babies. However a fish's sex organs are internal and he wouldn't know this without dissection or a CAT scan.

During the early part of the movie, Laura, the protagonist's young sister steps on a shard of glass at a beach, it is seen to bleed into the water and attract a nearby piranha. At the end part of the movie when Laura and her brother are saved and pulled into a boat she sits with both her feet soles in full view of the camera and there is no wound.

At the beginning of the movie, the Sheriff (Elisabeth Shue) falls into the water while investigating the missing boater. Shortly after that she is seen wearing a completely dry uniform.

The topless parasailing girl (Gianna Michaels) briefly has her top back on while being attacked.

When Jake saw the tube empty, he swam to it. Shortly, when he was back on the boat, he is completely dry, including his shorts.

(at around 1 min) The cliff-diver has blue shorts, but the overhead shot of him coming to the surface shows him wearing a white colored pair.

Some of the teenagers have blood on their bodies before they are attacked.

In the scene where Kelly Brook's character is being attacked by the piranha, the bites she receives appear and disappear between shots.

The ski rope that was used to rescue the girl from inside the 'sinking' boat suddenly became dozens of feet longer than it was, enough to stretch clear across the boat and down the other side under water and back up into the boat. There was only a few feet of extra ski rope when it was first tied off to the boat railing.
The scenes at the Pet Emporium were all shot in a single day.

Alexandre Aja cast all the spring break extras.

Three boats were built for the Barracuda yacht.

Included in the end credits is a shout-out for the Society of Amputee Surfers.

The brand of tequila they have on the Wild Wild Girls boat is Havasu Tequila. This is most visible during the body shots scene. Lake Havasu is where this was filmed.

During the scene of the two nude women swimming underwater, the music used is the "Flower Duet" from Delibes' opera "Lakmé". The English translation of the French lyrics includes the lines "Come, let us drift down together / Let us gently glide along; With its enchanting flow / Let us follow the fleeing current... Ah! Let us drift down together!"

The director filmed scenes specifically for the trailers and TV spots.

Ehren Kruger made an uncredited contribution to the screenplay.

Chuck Russell was originally going to direct. He did however help rewrite the script with Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, as well as incorporating the original John Sayles script that Joe Dante directed the first time around.

Rob Huebel was considered for the role of Derrick Jones.

Ashlynn Brooke, Gianna Michaels: The adult film actresses both play victims. Michaels plays the parasailing girl. Brooke plays the member of the cheerleading who is cut in half by the loose steel cable.

Richard Dreyfuss: The Jaws (1975) star appears as fisherman Matt Boyd at the start of the film. Dreyfuss was paid a reported $50,000 for his cameo in the film. He donated his entire salary to charity. Boyd is dressed like Hooper, the character Dreyfuss played in Steven Spielberg's masterpiece.

Eli Roth: The wet T-shirt contest host.

The film was not screened for critics, although, unusually in such circumstances, the critics actually liked it.

A TV spot was banned because it had too much gore, and it also revealed the ending to the movie.

Kelly Brook and Riley Steele spent two weeks training for their nude synchronized underwater swimming set piece.

No cuts were demanded by the MPAA.

The film has a poster in the style of Jaws (1975) and its sequels, with the monster at the bottom of the sea and the potential victim on the surface high above.

Alexandre Aja planned to have Joe Dante (director of the original Piranha (1978)) and James Cameron (director of Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981)) play boat captains who give safety lessons to the teens. Dante wanted to do it, but Cameron was too busy.

1,112 boats were used for the spring break massacre set piece.

This is the first time Elisabeth Shue and Christopher Lloyd have shared screen time since Back to the Future Part III (1990).

A spoof ad campaign suggested that the film should be considered for Academy Awards.

The film was actually shot on Lake Havasu, Arizona, a popular place for real spring breakers, not on Lake Victoria. Producers debated using the real name, but opted for a fictional one for various reasons.

Gianna Michaels was a last minute replacement for Natasha Nice, who got arrested while working on a hardcore movie prior to the shooting of her scene and hence was unable to do the small part Michaels plays in the picture.

Kelly Brook auditioned with an American accent. This deeply disappointed director Alexandre Aja, who called her back and asked her to speak in her natural English accent. He felt the character would be much more appealing if Brook played her in her normal voice.

"Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis wrote a letter to producers saying he was angry at the film because of Jerry O'Connell's character who owns a site called "Wild Wild Girls" which is a spoof of the adult video line and that he might take legal action if "any defamatory or disparaging statements, or depictions, in the media or in the film itself, or other statements that portray Mr. Francis in a false light, will be met with swift litigation.". After seeing the movie Francis went on saying "I appreciate a good parody as much as the next guy, but to associate me with drugs and the filming of underage girls crosses a definite line," Francis said. "Jerry O'Connell has repeatedly and emphatically stated on the public record that he is 'playing Joe Francis,' not a fictional character based on me. Mr. O'Connell has done this despite having been warned by his own lawyers not to admit this." In response O'Connell said "I get to play Joe Francis! Oh, wait. For legal reasons I'm supposed to say, 'I play someone loosely based on Joe Francis.'"

Richard Dreyfuss worked for two days, while Christopher Lloyd only worked for a single day.

The film was shot in 2D and converted to 3D using the Reali-D conversion process developed by the company, Inner-D. Unlike other 3D converted films, Piranha 3D was always planned to be 3D.

The production crew estimated 75,000 gallons of fake blood were used each day.

This film marks the third time that director Alexandre Aja has directed a horror film remake. He previously directed The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Mirrors (2008), also remakes of earlier horror films.

Some of the shots of spring break participants are genuine.

Shot in 42 days.

Production was originally slated to begin in late 2008, but was delayed until March 2009.

Despite prominent billing, Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss each get just a few minutes of screentime.

Matt Boyd (Richard Dreyfuss) sings "Show Me the Way to Go Home", which is the song Dreyfuss' Jaws (1975) character, Hooper, and his colleagues are singing in the fishing boat when the shark attacks.

The spring break massacre set piece took nine days altogether to film.

The song Richard Dreyfuss is singing at the beginning of the film, "Show me the way to go home" is the same song he sang with Robert Shaw and Roy Schieder in JAWS, aboard the Orca, in 1975.

Alexandre Aja first met Kelly Brook at a restaurant he was eating lunch at.