Snehitudu (2012)

 ●  Telugu ● 3 hrs 8 mins

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This socially relevant tale explores the flaws in the current system of education, that extols results to the exclusion of everything else. In the process, the dreams of the students are lost, their interests discarded, and their youth lost. The crux of the tale revolves around four students who study at the same university, but with different approaches to the education, and the experiences in college. Further, the movie goes on to highlight how their futures are affected by the choices made during the student life. This is a coming-of-age tale about friendship and values, that is soulful and resonant with a positive message about a holistic approach to education and accumulation of knowledge for its own sake, instead of four results alone.
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Cast: Ileana D'Cruz, Jiiva, Srikanth Krishnamachari, Vijay

Crew: Shankar Shanmugham (Director), Harris Jayaraj (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 26 Jan 2012 (India)

Tagline: All is Well..........

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Did you know? Director Shankar assigned 500 painters the task of painting an entire train for a song sequence and completed the painting work in a single day. Read More
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All is Well..........
It's All is Well...again
Follow excellence,Success will chase you...
Movie Connection(s):
Dubbed from: Nanban (Tamil)
Remake of: 3 Idiots (Hindi)
Factual Mistake
During the final portion in the movie, a call is made by Kosaksi Pasapugazh to Srivatsan, which he answers by holding his iPhone upside down.

Factual Mistake
When Pari uses computer to change words in Srivatsan's speech for Teachers Day, the screen shots clearly show its Windows 7. While Windows 7 was only released in 2009 but as per the date shown in the college blackboards the time line of the flashback period should be between 1998 and 2002.

Factual Mistake
On the first day at class of Pari, in the blackboard date is shown as 03/06/1998 but when showing the degree certificate of the protagonist, the years of study are mentioned as 1997-2001.
This movie is the Telugu dubbing of 'Nanban', the Tamil remake of the original Hindi movie '3 Idiots'.

Silambarasan was considered for the role at first which went to Jiiva.

During pre-production of the film, Vijay Vasanth walked out of the film, but later rejoined.

Nanban holds the record for highest number of shows in a single day at Mayajaal multiplex in Chennai, as of the release.

500 painters were assigned to paint an entire train for a song sequence in order to completed the painting work in a single day.

"Askku Laska" song's visual was inspired from the previous hit song videos, like Knaanam Knaanam Nokia from Anniyan, Sahana from Sivaji and Anda Kaaka konda Kari from Anniyan.

This film is a remake of the Hindi movie 3 Idiots (2009).

Director Shankar assigned 500 painters the task of painting an entire train for a song sequence and completed the painting work in a single day.