Spoor (2017)

 ●  Polish ● 2 hrs 8 mins

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When Janina Duszejko, a former engineer and astrologist and a vegetarian, finds her neighbor's dead body with deer tracks near is house, and soon the hunters in the area are found dead in similar fashion, she informs the police about the murders by a wild animal, only to be humored by the force. But more similar deaths make her a prime suspect.
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as Janina Duszejko
as Dyzio
as Zona Prezesa
as Matoga
as Prezes Mayor Wolsky
as Komendant
as Wnetrzak
as Dyrektorka
as Ksiadz Szelest
as Boros
Supporting Actress
as Dobra Nowina
as Listonosz
as Prokurator Swierszczynski
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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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