The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 34 mins

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A doctor, scientist, organist, and biblical scholar, Dr. Anton Phibes seeks revenge on the nine doctors he considers responsible for his wife's death.
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Did you know? The name "Vesalius" is a reference to Andreas Vesalius, a Flemish scientist who cut up corpses to learn about the workings of the body. Read More
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as Rabbi
as Dr Vesalius
as Inspector Trout
as Dr Longstreet
as Dr Anton Phibes
as Police Official
as Dr Hargreaves
as Policeman
as Goldsmith
as Frawley
as Chauffeur
as Dr Hedgepath
as Crow
as Dr Dunwoody
as Sergeant
as Superintendent Waverley
as Graveyard Attendant
as Darrow
as Dr Whitcombe
as Tom Schenley
as Dr Kitaj
as Lem Vesalius
as Nurse Allen
as Vulnavia


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Dr Phibes has great vibes!
Probably the most terrifying film you will ever see!
Revenge Is The Best Medicine.
Movie Connection(s):
Reference: Aparchitudu (Telugu)
Reference: Aparichit (Hindi)
Reference: Anniyan (Tamil)
After Vulnavia dances with Phibes, he lowers the cage of bats into the cellar. Vulnavia runs up the stairs, then appears downstairs seconds later, in different clothes.

During the operation Vulnavia attacks a painted backdrop with an Axe. She is shown alternating between being in front of it and behind it in quick succession.

Crew/Equipment Visible
You can clearly see wire attached to the flying bat.

Crew/Equipment Visible
In the shot where the car is chasing the plane before takeoff, you can see the shadow of the camera and camera man.

Revealing Mistakes
Virginia North smiles broadly as she dances with Vincent Price. Her face is concealed most of the time, but if you look closely, you can see her face for a moment, and she is clearly trying not to laugh at Vincent Price's deliberately camp performance.
The "Vampire Bats" were really flying foxes, very docile fruit-loving bats.

In order to gain more publicity this film was advertised as Vincent Price's 100th feature film.

The name "Vesalius" is a reference to Andreas Vesalius, a Flemish scientist who cut up corpses to learn about the workings of the body.

The rat curse was originally intended to take place on a boat. Robert Fuest changed it to inside a plane, as he felt the boat could have been escaped from.

For visual reasons, the plagues of flies and gnats were replaced with rats and bats.