Yaman (2017)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 33 mins

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A common man develops a dream of making it big and creating his own path in the ruthless and corrupt world of politics.

Cast: Miya George, Vijay Antony

Crew: Jeeva Shankar (Director), Jeeva Shankar (Director of Photography), Vijay Antony (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 24 Feb 2017 (India), 24 Feb 2017 (Malaysia), 24 Feb 2017 (United Arab Emirates)

Tamil Name: எமன்

Movie Rating
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5 user 11 critic
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good movie

all my best wishesh
vijoy antony

YAMAN - Current and Corrupt Politics


One of the best movie in 2017....Good

A decent political drama

As I said in one line, this is a new film in past few years. Because in every political film we have some smooch n sex scenes but in this film not even a single second we can't able to see such things. That's the nicety of the film! For this we have to congratulate the director.

This "Yaman" kills.

Yaman set to be a political thriller, starts with a pre story of betrayal and killing of soon to be MLA candidate by his close aid and his wife takes her own life leaving the new born baby with his grandfather. The real story starts 30 years later and follows the raise of that child through the ranks in political arena.

The story has plenty to make a gripping political thriller but fails miserably, the story starts well but during the course of the flim we loose the feel somewhere expecially the songs and marathon run time does their job perfectly to add to the movie's downfall.

As an actor Vijay Antony has done nothing different from his previous flims he has to improve a lot, and in a lighter note if you want your enemy to suffer convince and take him to this movie and make him watch Vijay Antony dance . Miya has very little to do in this film she is just there in the film so that we get to hear a female voice now and then and she adds no value to the story. Thiyagarajan and Charli has done a wonderful job in their respective roles. Dialogues and BGM saves the day to some extent. but lack of good comedy trac and that too in a marathon run time movie makes it boring after a point. Jeevan Shankar's Direction is a big disappointment, he had a very good story which he couldn't showcase in a gripping way. considering he has given films like NAAN, he has that talent and he should have done better.

Music.... uufffff.. Where to start???? One off the worst albums in a very long time. Whole cinema hall was restless during songs and most us wished for a Fast Forward option in cinems halls too and adding Vijay Antony's dance to his music really makes it an "Yaman". Being said that the BGM is very very good.

Watch this film only if you are die hard fan of boring story telling. And beware this "Yaman" might kill your time, money and your peace of mind.

Good Movie

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Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: DiVO, VMS Music, Lyca Music

Music Director: Vijay Antony
Lyricist: P Vetriselvan
Playback Singer: Maria Roe Vincent

Music Director: Vijay Antony
Playback Singer: Janaki Iyer, Yazin Nizar

Music Director: Vijay Antony

Music Director: Vijay Antony
Playback Singer: Jagadeesh Kumar
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Dubbed into: Yaman (Telugu)
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