X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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The X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in a battle that must change the past – to save their future.
Did you know? In the production art room, the futuristic solider designs were done by the artist Jock. Read More
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as Toad
as Logan / Wolverine
as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto - older
as Charles Xavier
as Raven / Mystique
as Alex Summers / Havok
as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
as Hank McCoy / Beast
as Professor Charles Xavier
as Bolivar Trask
as Roberto da Costa / Sunspot
as Marie / Rogue
as Clarice Ferguson / Blink
as James Proudstar / Warpath
as Gambit
as Piotr Rasputin / Colossus
as Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat
as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver
as Jean Gray
as Ororo Munroe / Storm
as Mutant soldier
as William Stryker
as General Caris
as President Nixon
as Bishop
as Nixon's Aide
as Bobby Drake / Iceman
as General Nhuan


First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director


Story Writer
Screenplay Writer
Comic Book Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director



Production Designer
Set Decorator


Casting Director

Costume and Wardrobe

Costume Designer



Makeup and Hair

Hair Stylist

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Studio
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Spoken Languages:
English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
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Frame Rate:
48 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.39:1 (Scope)
Shot in 3D
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English (Open Caption), Hindi (Open Caption), Tamil (Open Caption), Telugu (Open Caption)
Movie Connection(s):
Follows: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (English)
Followed by: X-Men Apocalypse (English)
Dubbed into: X-Men: Mahasangram (Hindi)
Dubbed into: X-Men: Mahasangramam (Telugu)
Dubbed into: X-Men: Kadantha Kalathin Ethir Kaalam (Tamil)
Follows: X-Men: First Class (English)
Follows: X-Men 2 (English)
Follows: X-Men: The Last Stand (English)
Follows: X-Men (English)
Follows: The Wolverine (English)
Reference: The Wolverine (English)
Filming Locations:
Micromax has spent close to four crore rupees on 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' the highest for any Indian brand to spend on a Hollywood film.

Fox Studios gave Hugh Jackman a charity donation for his cameo and f-bomb line in 'X-Men: First Class'.

The production was shot 70% on sound-stages and used 39 sets and 26 locations.

The creators decided that it just made the most sense for Wolverine’s character to be the one traveling between time periods, because of his ageless look and ability to physically heal.

The movie opens in a partially destroyed futuristic Moscow.

While some of the cast worked the entire time, others only spent a few days on set. Here’s what some of the cast worked: Anna Paquin (5 days), Patrick Stewart (3 weeks), Ian McKellen (3 weeks), Halle Berry (7 days), Shawn Ashmore (a few weeks), Ellen Page (3 weeks).

Originally, Halle Berry had another scene in the film, but due to her limited schedule it was cut. The same goes for Anna Paquin.

The film cuts back and forth between the two time frames, the past and the future. But, the looks used a totally different; the future is very dark, violent the past is brighter.

While the Sentinels in the past are dangerous, they are deadly in the future. The only way to take them on is with the whole group fighting together.

The film focuses on Charles (McAvoy) more than anyone else; he’s the protagonist.

The movie provided an explanation as to how Charles can walk again (It’s with the help of Hank), but his walking comes with a cost.

The primary difference between the comic storyline and the movie is it’s not Kitty Pryde that goes back in time, it’s Logan.

Production Designer John Myhre hid a bunch of X’s on the sets of the film. One of the prominent ones is on a staircase in the X-Mansion.

In this movie, there’s a recap of characters and some explanation of characters, so people who haven’t seen X-Men before can also enjoy this film.

Most of the film is shot in 3D.

Production Designer John Myhre, who did the first X-Men movie, is back for Days of Future Past. He didn’t work on any of the other X-Men films.

They came up with new ideas for the third act pretty far down the line of development, and during production they figured out a new element they wanted to add to the Quicksilver sequence.

A lot of the movie is extended through digital sets. One of the sets is an ancient Chinese monastery that is supposed to be located in the hills of China. They only had the time to build a section of the Chinese monastery set.

In one of the scenes, James McAvoy unexpectedly punched Hoult in the crotch to mess with him.

The Beast’s fighting style is animal and athletic and gymnastic and fast and agile basically, but very strong, and he throws people around a fair bit.

Because Jackman had more time to physically prepare for this film, it was his first Wolverine film that he started without injuries.

The cast of the film went out to restaurants as a group sometimes, and worker friendly and a loud, social group.

During the filming of X2, Jackman and his son both went trick-or-treating as the Wolverine.

The fact that there are so many leading actors and characters in this film was considered a blessing because it relieves the pressure on the whole cast.

While the actors may have some relief from the pressure, screenwriter Simon Kinberg says the biggest challenge is storytelling in this film because there are so many main characters.

Kinberg's favorite time travel films – and the films he studied the most to make Days of Future Past – are Back to the Future and the first two Terminator movies.

Professor Xavier finds a way to use his legs again in this film, but ends up eventually choosing the chair instead. Part of the arc of his character is that he chooses to be in it, rather than feeling condemned to it.

Tthe biggest focus of this film was the future of the X-Men universe, because with the use of the old cast members and the new ones, they have to decide where the sequels will go.

Kinberg wrote shorter parts for Halle Berry and Anna Paquin since both actors did not have much time to be on set.

Trask and the Sentinels are the villains of this film, and the X-Men will try to go back in time to defeat the Sentinels.

In the production art room, the futuristic solider designs were done by the artist Jock.

Ottman will be the first composer to score more than one film in the X-Men film series, having previously scored 2003's X2.

It is the third X-Men film directed by Singer after 2000's 'X-Men' and 2003's 'X2'.

The original 'Days of Future past' comic mentioned time travel from the year 2013, the same year in which filming began.

Unlike most of the actors who've appeared throughout the X-Men franchise, January Jones was not asked to reprise the role she originated in X-Men: First Class.

John Ottman is the first composer to score more than one movie of the series.

Chris Claremont, the writer of the original 'Days of Future Past' comic, was brought on as a consultant.

Matthew Vaughn was supposed to return to direct this movie but he decided to decline. Bryan Singer, the director of the first two X-Men films and a producer, was hired to direct.

Jamie Campbell Bower and Nico Tortorella auditioned for the role of Quicksilver.

'Days of Future Past' takes place in two time frames, allowing the stars of Singer's first 'X-Men' movie to share the screen with those of 'X-Men: First Class'.
'X-Men: Days of Future Past' extended cut coming in 2015
05 Aug 2014, by The Hollywood Reporter