X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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Two mutant brothers, Logan and Victor, born 200 years ago, suffer childhood trauma and have only each other to depend on. Basically, they're fighters and killers, living from war to war through U.S. history. In modern times, a U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits them and other mutants as commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local teacher. When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker's crew, the colonel sends the murderous Victor. Logan now wants revenge.
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Did you know? Liev Schreiber was given a muscle suit to wear for his role as Victor Creed, similar to what Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut) wore in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), to make his physique look comparable to Hugh Jackman's 220 lb. figure. The suit made Schreiber feel "humiliated", and he requested for a chance to gain real muscle. He trained for three months while filming Defiance (2008) in Lithuania, and continued to train alongside Jackman during filming. Jackman also made Schreiber add a great deal of protein to his diet, which Schreiber called "the genocide of chickens." In the end Schreiber gained 40 lbs. and had to buy several new suits due to his back gaining several inches in width: "I can't fit into my favorite suit now! But I felt like I owed it to the genre to be big." Read More
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(at around 11 mins) In Nigeria, Zero throws his guns in the air with the slides shown locked open. In the next shot they are closed as he catches them with new magazines, and begins firing immediately without chambering the first round (which is necessary in order for all semi-automatic pistols to fire).

(at around 44 mins) After Logan breaks out of the adamantium injection chamber and escapes the facility, there's a close up of him looking out into the wilderness. His hair is nicely shaped and dry even though he just came out of a chamber that was filled with water.

(at around 1h 2 mins) When Wolverine knocks out Blob during their fight the ring's ropes collapse under Blob's immense weight. At different points during their conversation following the fight the ropes appear either upright as if nothing had happened or still collapsed.

In the village scene when Wolverine holds Sabretooth's hand to stop him from killing the man, you can clearly see that in some scenes Wolverine's claws are drawn out, while in other scenes it isn't.

(at around 1h 9 mins) When Gambit knocks Logan through the wall of the bar in Louisiana, the hole changes size. One size when he makes it, and another when Gambit comes through it into the alley.

(at around 1h 1 min) In the boxing match between Wolverine and the Blob, when the Blob is losing his balance his position changes several times from different shots. At first the poster on the wall is behind him then the corner by the wall is behind him, then when he falls backwards on the ropes it is on the open side of the ring towards the room, the opposite side of the poster.

(at around 1h 2 mins) When the Blob falls on the ropes at the end of his boxing round with Wolverine, the ropes are underneath him and one is over him near his neck, but this rope disappears instantly when Wolverine stands over him with his claws in the next shot.

When Victor and Logan are both on the tower fighting Weapon XI, it is clear that the tower side changes when XI begins attacking the 2 brothers. When XI jumps over Victor and Logan, the tower side marks that its on the right side of Victor, but in the next scenes it changes to his left side. Later in the battle scene Victor turns himself to get XI by his neck.

On Zero chasing Logan by a helicopter scene; while two SUV chasing Logan, just after the helicopter appears at the and of the road, you can clearly see that helicopter's rocket launchers are empty. After Logan cuts trough SUV from the side, we see helicopter from behind where rocket launcher has only three blanks on left launcher where at the beginning of scene before blowing up the house they only sent two rockets from left and right launchers.

The corn the farmers wife holds during dinner disappears and reappears between shots.

(at around 49 mins) When the farmer speaks to Logan the morning after he sleeps in the barn, Logan is sitting sideways on the motorbike, he gets off it and stands up to put the jacket on, but the bike doesn't move at all. Then when he mounts the motorbike again it bounces on its suspension with his weight.

(at around 1h 7 mins) When Gambit is first introduced in the casino, he has a slight beard (especially noticeable when he says "Do I owe you money?"). However, after knocking Wolverine through the wall and into the alley, he is shown to be almost completely clean-shaven.

When Logan and Victor's fight causes them to smash through a window, Logan's hair is a mess from the fall but in the following shot as Logan turns his head, his hair is perfectly combed, followed by the next shot where his hair is once again messy from the fall.

(at around 44 mins) As Wolverine awakens in the adamantium injection tank, several shots in a row shows the diagrams inked all over his body to guide the needles. Seconds later, when he stands up to escape, there are no marks on him anywhere.

(at around 1h 15 mins) After Wolverine jumps from of the plane near Three Mile Island he takes some violent bounces across the water. Yet when he shows up moments later in the facility he is completely dry and his clothes are unscathed.

(at around 54 mins) When Wolverine flies through the air towards the Zero's helicopter you can see the blades of the copter spinning in one direction but when it switches to the close-up as his claws cut the blades, they are spinning the other direction. This may be due to the frame rate of the camera used, similar to when car wheels look like they are spinning backwards when they are filmed.

(at around 51 mins) When Zero's chopper approaches the barn for the first time, the closeup of the rocket pod shows that it is full. The chopper fires one rocket from each pod to destroy the barn. When next we see the chopper it is hovering in front of Logan, trapping him between it and the 2 vehicles. There is a brief glimpse of the rocket pods. Each rocket pod now has 2 rockets missing, when there should only have been one.

In Lagos, while Team X is walking up to the building, only one katana is visibly strapped to Wade's back. Later in the elevator, both are visible, although he did have time to strap it on while walking to the elevator.

When Wade sharpens one of his swords on the plane, he's sharpening a traditional curved Katana. However, when the team arrives in Lagos and he fights his way through the final group of soldiers he's wielding two straight-bladed Katanas.

(at around 53 mins) After Wolverine slices through the first vehicle, the vehicle flips showing no damage from the claws.

Revealing Mistakes
When young Logan is running down the hallway, you can see some after-effects surrounding his upper body.

Revealing Mistakes
At school Victor Creed meets Scott Summers when Victor jumps over a floor you can see there's no shadow.

Revealing Mistakes
(at around 44 mins) When Logan escapes from the facility where he got the adamantium fused to his bones, he makes an "X" in the wall, but the middle sections, which ate not connected to anything, do not fall.

Revealing Mistakes
In one of the beginning scenes when they are all aboard the small, corporate jet, they are pulling maneuvers that well exceed the maximum load factor of any passenger jet aircraft.

Revealing Mistakes
When the farmer and his wife arrive in the pickup, the camera switches to a shot on level with their eyes looking through the windshield at them. A supposed reflection appears on the glass in front of them of a naked Wolverine running across the road. But the windshield is sloped back, so a reflection in it would show the sky; not ground level. To see ground level, the camera would have to be above the truck looking down at double the windshield's slope.

Revealing Mistakes
(at around 47 mins) In the bathroom scene, you can clearly tell that Logan's knives are CGI.

Revealing Mistakes
When Logan is slicing everyone up after getting his surgery, he's naked but you can see that Hugh Jackman is wearing shorts during the fight/escape scene (until he's outside).

Factual Mistake
(at around 1h 14 mins) When Wolverine and Gambit are flying in the plane, they are carrying on a normal conversation but without the use of headsets. In a small, two-seater plane it's nearly impossible to hear your own voice screaming, much less someone next to you, because of the proximity of the engine to the passengers.

Errors in Geography
At a logging camp in Canada, one of the vehicles (with a 1977-8 tag) has an old New Zealand registration plate with silver letters on a black background.

Errors in Geography
Many "Canadians" have a heavy USA Southern drawl.

Errors in Geography
(at around 45 mins) At some point a car drives over a one lane bridge (before the Wolverine goes to the paddock). After the bridge an arrow pointing forward is on the left hand side of the road, revealing its filming locations of Australia and New Zealand. This also shows the old couple driving on the wrong side of the road, even though this was supposedly America.

Errors in Geography
There are numerous inaccuracies regarding the layout of Three Mile Island.

Crew/Equipment Visible
(at around 15 mins) In the jungle scene where Sabertooth and Wolverine begin to get at odds you can see the fog machines shooting out mist in spurts. At one point you can actually see the pipe and nozzle.

Crew/Equipment Visible
(at around 13 mins) After Wade comes off the elevator near the beginning of the movie, cutting at bullets and clearing the path to a man with diamonds, he stops and stays in a lounging position after cutting down the last two men. In that instance, two wires are clearly visible near his shoulders.

Character Error
Weapon XI has single long blades that run through the length of his arms. Since adamantium can't be bent, this would mean when the blades are retracted, Weapon XI can't bend his elbows. Yet in the "activating" scene, his elbow was bent.

Character Error
(at around 57 mins) When Scott Summers is in Spanish class, we see verb conjugations written on the chalkboard. The words "tu" and "el" are written without an accent mark. So they mean "your" and "the" in Spanish, not the pronouns "you" and "he" respectively.

Character Error
(at around 48 mins) When Wolverine notices the farmer's motorcycle, he calls it a chopper. It's supposed to be a 1964 Harley Davidson FL, and appears to be in pretty much stock condition. A chopper is a bike that has been stripped down or "chopped" to a bare essentials condition. However, the term "chopper" is incorrectly used by many people to describe any kind of large motorcycle.

Character Error
The subtitles say that Kayla's death takes place 5 years after the breakup, yet when Logan screams at Stryker in the hospital, he says its been 6 years.

Audio/Video Mismatch
(at around 52 mins) In the helicopter chase through the forest, when Logan is on the motor bike, you can clearly hear the separation of shots coming from the machine gun mounted on the side of the helicopter. However, it is a Gatling style machine gun capable of shooting 6,000 rounds a minute. The sound of it firing is more like a hum rather than a typical bang-bang-bang sound from a standard hand held sub-machine gun. The sound department appears to have simply chosen a "machine gun" sound from a list without being accurate to what type of machine gun it is.

Audio/Video Mismatch
As Logan lunges at Blob in the boxing ring, you can hear him screaming, but his mouth is closed.
With this film, Hugh Jackman emerges as the first actor to be credited as playing a comic book hero in four consecutive films since Christopher Reeve as Superman. (Patrick Stewart also appears in this film and the 3 previous X-Men films, though his appearance is uncredited, with CGI used to make him appear younger, as was used in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).)

Weapon XI is portrayed by two actors, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins. Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson/Weapon XI for close-up/standing shots and simple stunts and Adkins handles the more complicated and dangerous fights in the final battle.

The telepathic mutant Emma Frost was going to have a major role in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), but when Brett Ratner replaced Bryan Singer as that film's director, she was removed from the film. To make up for her removal, she appears in a cameo in this film and has a major role in X-Men: First Class (2011). She has been revised to be Kayla Silver Fox's sister; this indirectly explains Kayla's telepathic abilities, when in the comics Kayla only has a healing ability and weapons skills (ironically Emma herself shows no indication of telepathy in this film).

The Fast and Furious and X-Men franchises have often released the same installments of a franchise in the same year. X-Men 2 (2003) and 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) were both released in 2003, X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) were both released in 2006, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Fast & Furious (2009) were both released in 2009, X-Men: First Class (2011) and Fast Five (2011) were both released in 2011 and The Wolverine (2013) and Fast & Furious 6 (2013) were released in 2013. Furious 7 (2015) was set to be released in 2014, the same year as X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), however it then was pushed to 2015 after Paul Walker's death.

Michael C. Hall was at one point considered for the role of William Stryker.

Gambit's portrayal in this film is inspired by his "Ultimate X-Men" version, where he was a retired thief and carries a Southern/Cajun accent.

Danny Huston compared his character of William Stryker to a racehorse breeder, who rears his mutant experiments like children but abandons them when something goes wrong.

Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber are the only Tony Award winners in this film, as well as the only ones to also be nominated for a Golden Globe.

Liev Schreiber describes Sabretooth as the most monstrous role he has ever played.

Gavin Hood described the film's central theme as Wolverine's inner struggle between his animalistic and human qualities: "I realized that Wolverine's great appeal lies in the fact that he's someone who, in some ways, is filled with a great deal of self-loathing by his own nature and he's constantly at war with himself."

Tyler Mane, who played Sabretooth in X-Men (2000), requested to reprise the role, but he was turned down by the filmmakers who wanted a younger actor for the prequel.

Liev Schreiber was originally considered for the role of Colonel William Stryker, but he requested to take the role of Victor Creed as he found that role more interesting.

The film takes place in 1845, the 1860s, the 1910s, 1944, 1973 and 1979.

In James Howlett's bedroom a picture of a wolverine can be seen, foreshadowing his mutation and later title.

Gavin Hood compared the relationship between Logan and Victor Creed to the tennis rivalry between players Björn Borg and John McEnroe: Victor hates Logan because he loves and needs his brother, but is too proud to admit he wants him back.

William Stryker's lab was shot at Cockatoo Island, at New South Wales. The enormous buildings at that location were perfect for the designers, and the filmmakers saved money on digitally creating a set.

Bryan Singer (who directed the X-Men (2000) and X-Men 2 (2003)), Brett Ratner (who directed X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)), Len Wiseman, Alexandre Aja, and Zack Snyder all expressed interest in directing the film before Gavin Hood was hired.

Poker player Phil Hellmuth Jr. was going to have a cameo alongside fellow player Daniel Negreanu at Gambit's table, but he was committed to a game in Toronto and couldn't be present for filming.

David Ayer wrote an early version of the film's screenplay.

After running in the woods following, Logan unleashing his claws for the first time, Victor calls him : "Little brother!" A line that pays homage for Victor/Sabretooth, to call Wolverine "little runt!"

In the flashback to Africa, a young black girl with white hair can be seen. This is the young Ororo Monroe (Storm), the future X-Men member. This scene was removed from the final film, but appears as a deleted scene in the DVD.

Liev Schreiber was given a muscle suit to wear for his role as Victor Creed, similar to what Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut) wore in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), to make his physique look comparable to Hugh Jackman's 220 lb. figure. The suit made Schreiber feel "humiliated", and he requested for a chance to gain real muscle. He trained for three months while filming Defiance (2008) in Lithuania, and continued to train alongside Jackman during filming. Jackman also made Schreiber add a great deal of protein to his diet, which Schreiber called "the genocide of chickens." In the end Schreiber gained 40 lbs. and had to buy several new suits due to his back gaining several inches in width: "I can't fit into my favorite suit now! But I felt like I owed it to the genre to be big."

In the film, Logan fights in the American Civil War, WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War. In the comics, he participates in WWI and WWII, even teaming up with Captain America in the latter.

Hugh Jackman recommended his Kate & Leopold (2001) co-star Liev Schreiber for the role of Sabretooth, describing him as having the necessary competitive streak to portray Sabretooth. During filming, they dared each other to perform more and more of their own stunts.

A "Deadpool" movie had been in the works since 2004, with David S. Goyer directing and starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Reynolds himself had dreamed of playing Deadpool, and when he heard Deadpool was given a place in the script, he immediately approached the filmmakers for the role.

Liev Schreiber had studied to be a fight choreographer, and wanted to be a dancer like Hugh Jackman, so he enjoyed developing and filming the Logan-Creed fights.

In the rear window of the Hudsons' truck is a sticker reading "Not all who wander are lost", paraphrasing Aragorn's motto from the J.R.R. Tolkien series 'The Lord of the Rings'.

William Stryker tells Wade Wilson (Deadpool): "If it weren't for that mouth you'd be the perfect soldier." Deadpool is branded in the comics as "The Merc with the Mouth."

When Deadpool first accesses Scott Summer's Optic Blast power, the skin around his eyes burns in a diamond pattern. Deadpool's mask in the comics has a diamond pattern of a contrasting color around the eyes.

On March 31 2009, a bootleg copy of the film was leaked online. The copy had no watermark, unfinished/alternate VFX and a different font for the credits; but by the time the film officially released in theatres on 2009 (weeks later), it had been downloaded about 4.5 million times. Roger Friedman, a reporter for Fox News, wrote an adverse review of the film based on the leaked copy - he even described how easy it was to find and download the film. His review was immediately removed and he got fired.

Remy LeBeau (Gambit)'s last name is French for "the handsome" ("le beau"). In the comics, Gambit is well-known for his good looks and charm (in the comics it's considered a tactile hypnosis).

In Africa, William Stryker carries out an interrogation as to the location of adamantium. Adamantium (or in its raw mineral state, vibranium) is located in the African kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by T'Challa, the Black Panther (a superhero).

This is the first time the mutant Gambit appears in an X-Film. He was planned to make appearances in the previous X-Films, but was always cut out.

Will.i.am accidentally punched the camera while filming a fight scene and scarred his knuckles.

Hugh Jackman collaborated with the writers on the script, as he wanted the film to be a character piece compared to the other X-Films.

Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) and Wesley Snipes (in the Blade movies) are the only two actors with roles in Marvel Comics film adaptations to have not gone through an audition prior to signing.

David Benioff aimed for a darker and more brutal story, and wrote the script with an R rating in mind. Producer Hugh Jackman did not see the need for an R rating, however, and the script was toned down to a safer PG-13 level.

Brian Cox was interested in reprising his role as William Stryker from X-Men 2 (2003), using the digital skin-grafting VFX used in the last film on Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The filmmakers thought it would be easier and cheaper to cast a younger actor instead and hired Danny Huston.

In one scene a black vintage Mercedes Benz can be spotted moving around. This was the vehicle Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr used in the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

Karl Urban and Gerard Butler were both considered for the part of Victor Creed.